Punk Goth & Drunk

Punk Goth & Drunk Updates!

Who We Arrr:

We're a small collaboration of multi-faceted artists. Among the 7 of us, we do 3D artifacts, manga-based art, original manga, paintings, jewelry, drawings, costumes, and soon clothing design!

Of the 7 of us, 5 complete the art, one designs comics, and the last is our bodyguard ^___^

Anime Central 2011 !!

We will be attending ACen 2011, and hopefully will be selling in the Artist Alley.   More than likely, we will have 2 booths at the convention, which is in Rosemont in May 20-22. With any luck, we will have a ton of art ready to sell by then LOL ^___^ Mayhaps, in the future, we will be able to commission things for our loyal customers! Hope to see you then :D Love, Punk Goth Drunk and Co!!